CompuCare Systems, LLC. Web-based billing system CCSWEBMB is accessible from anywhere, anytime, by anyone authorized by our clients. All you need is ordinary computer and broadband connection to internet. Our Web-Based system is so flexible and easy to use, it will help you to do all your billing tasks from your office, home or other facilities with access to internet.

There is no limit impose by your computer. The old generation of billing software were client server types, which means either they were single user or on the local network, which was very slow and difficult to access the information from anywhere. With web-based systems your people can work when and where they want, with no concern about how to connect to information. But that's only part of the flexibility and control you get with CCS web-based billing system.

Use CompuCare Systems LLC Web-based billing systems free for first month. To take advantage of this free offer please Email Us or call us at 562-869-2105 to set you up for demo and training.

To purchase our web-based systems for your practice, please Email Us or Contact Us. to determine the final price.