Electronic Medical Record

With EMR system, providers and practice personnel can access a patient's chart, even from remote locations. With EMR system, patient has all his or her own medical records. We all get to visit Health care provider many times in our life time, what realy hapense in each visits stays in Doctors office and in some cases gets misplaced or gets lost. This EMR systems lets you be in charge of your own medical chart and vital informations which in some cases necassery for other Doctors to look at and study for your present treatments. I will give you example of you see a doctor for immunizations and than later move to other city all your records are keep in previous Doctors office and you visit a new provider, If you had your own EMR system all the information your new doctor needs are in your hand and no need to call previos Doctor, which perhaps wants to charge you a fee of 50.00 to Fax your information to your new provider.

There are many reasons why you should keep your own EMR system, you keep track of all your financial information in your positions but when it comes to your health who has your charts all of your informations are keept in maney offices which you even don't know or even you forgot about them. How maney time you see a Doctor and first question is about allergy or what medications you are or you been taken before. no more answer I don't know. Know how EMR system works, you will register with us and call us anytime you visit a provider and tell them to fax us your office visit and other information and we will enter them in your charts for you and your provider to see. you will be the only one can access and let your provider access the chart. You will be helping all the Doctors that you visit anytime, anywhere to access up to date information in your chart.

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